Physician Need & Population-Payer Intelligence Toolkits

Cattaneo & Stroud now offers two online web tool subscription services.  The first tool provides hospitals and health systems with a comprehensive toolkit for physician community need assessments.  The second provides a package of payer-specific demographic reports and forecasts for California that is useful for health systems, businesses, health plans and others interested in California payers.  Both are offered as annual subscription services that can be purchased separately or as a package.

Physician Need Toolkit

The Cattaneo & Stroud, Inc. physician community need web tool provides an interactive online resource for hospitals and health systems to document community need for physicians in more than sixty five adult and pediatric specialties. It is designed to provide health care providers with the information and reports needed to evaluate and document community need in compliance with federal Stark regulations.  The toolkit provides:

  • Definition of hospital service area with population
  • List of “Stark Zone” zip codes for physician practice relocation
  • Inventory of current and forecast of physicians in the service area
  • Analysis of current and forecast community physician need by specialty for more than 65 specialties
  • Formal certification of community need  is provided with the appropriate review and documentation.

Population-Payer Intelligence Toolkit

The Payer-Population Intelligence Toolkit includes the following downloadable reports and Excel tables for zip codes in California:

  • Population by age by zip code and county
  • Population by major payer type (Medicare, Medicaid, Other)
  • California Medical Group Reports (for California subscribers only)
  • Zip code level population forecasts for three, five, and ten years
  • Payer population estimates by zip code for the most recent full year (currently 2014):
    • Commercial HMO and fee-for-service (FFS) health plan members
    • Medi-Cal HMO and FFS
    • Medicare HMO and FFS
    • Kaiser (Medicare and Commercial)
    • Uninsured
  • Major HMO plan enrollment estimates by type of plan (Medicare, Medi-Cal, Commercial)
  • Medical group profile report on California groups with more than six physicians that contract with an HMO to include:
    • Estimated number of HMO members by type of plan
    • List of contracted health plans
    • Reported number of contracted primary care vs. specialist physicians
    • Management services organization (MSO) each group
    • List of MSOs and managed medical groups with number of lives and physicians by county
    • Contact information for medical groups and MSOs

Please contact us to set up a demo of the webtool or to request an estimate to develop this information for another state!