What We Do

Strategic Planning and Environmental Assessments

  • Environmental assessments grounded in deep knowledge of healthcare market dynamics
  • New product/service development including market assessments, feasibility studies and operational planning
  • Extensive databases on demographic, competitive and healthcare utilization and market trends
  • Development of physician networks and integrated delivery systems
  • Facilitation of organizational decision-making around complex strategic issues
  • Multi-system collaborations and affiliations
  • Management of affiliation RFP process
  • Rationalization of clinical services across healthcare delivery systems
  • Analysis of market for new facilities, medical office buildings, or clinics

Community Need and Physician Development Plans

  • Physician need assessments in compliance with federal and state regulations
  • Medical staff development plans to assist in network development, recruitment and succession planning
  • Community benefit plans
  • Strategic planning for medical staff and medical group development
  • Business planning for new and existing medical groups, including foundations, hospital-based clinics and freestanding physician practices

Forecasting for Utilization, Facilities and Strategic Planning

  • Demand forecasting for health care services and facility/capacity requirements
  • Simulation models for operational and financial scenario evaluation
  • Analysis of the impact of benefit design changes and practice patterns
  • Financial modeling of new and existing businesses and service lines

Market Assessments and Research

  • Sizing the market of an industry segment, service line or product
  • Evaluating competitors’ positions vis a vis the industry’s critical success factors
  • Assessing trends (in demographics, technology, etc.) and their impact on market size and relative competitive positions
  • Merger and Acquisition Support and Analysis

Business, Budgeting and Facility Planning Support

  • Program planning expertise in hospitalist services, oncology, trauma and emergency centers, cardiac surgery, invasive cardiology, neurosciences, primary care, vascular, perinatal, pediatrics, acute rehabilitation, behavioral health
  • Program audits including evaluations of market and operational performance of existing services
  • Forecasts and utilization analysis for master facility planning

Industry Analysis

  • California Medical Groups database
  • Pricing and product line comparison rankings
  • Regional payer enrollment estimates

Boards of Directors and Leadership Retreats

  • Planning, facilitation and follow-up of retreats for Boards of Directors and leadership groups
  • Development of educational materials for retreat sessions
  • Facilitation skills to help groups reach consensus on issues and objectives
  • Environmental assessments to guide strategy development

Case Rate Development and Compensation Benchmarking for OPOs

  • Case rate reimbursement systems for organ procurement organizations
  • Benchmark analysis of compensation rates for OPOs

Industry Analytics and Databases

  • California Medical Groups database
  • Pricing and product line comparison rankings
  • Regional payer enrollment estimates
  • Regional and statewide demographics and payer data

Litigation, Regulatory & Negotiation Support

  • Expert witness for statistical analysis of large data sets and market assessments
  • Estimate of damages
  • Anti-trust statistical assessments
  • Evaluation of unique services or situations

Real Estate Demand and Feasibility Studies

  • Analysis of market opportunities
  • Inventory of likely physician tenants

Physician Need Ratios & Methodology

  • Ratios for more than 65 specialties and subspecialties
  • Community need assessments for physician need compliance and recruitments
  • Business planning for ACO network development
  • Special studies and web tools available


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